Net Zero Producers Forum: A catalyst for climate ambition or yet another delaying tactic?

May 26, 2021By Romain IoualalenBriefings, Energy Transitions & Futures, Resources No Comments

The creation of the NZPF is a tacit recognition by major oil and gas producers that their contribution to the climate crisis can no longer be ignored. But the framing of the initiative and its main objectives raise the prospect of the NZPF being a greenwashing tool in service to the oil and gas industry’s interests.

Report: the Network for Greening the Financial System (NGFS) must revise its climate scenarios to drive decarbonization in the financial sector

February 14, 2021By Romain IoualalenEnergy Transitions & Futures, News, Press Releases, Stop Funding Fossils

In a new paper published today, Oil Change International (OCI) and Reclaim Finance analyze the shortcomings of the climate scenarios published by the NGFS and highlight the risk that they may be used to justify slow and inadequate climate action by financial actors.