In reaction to UN Climate Ambition Summit, government leaders and global climate justice advocates call for fossil fuel phase out

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20 September 2023, NEW YORK– As the United Nations Secretary-General’s Climate Ambition Summit wraps up and the world witnesses once again the lack of commitment from the largest fossil fuel producers, Pacific governments and global climate leaders held a press conference hosted by the Republic of Vanuatu calling on nations to take concrete action to … Read More

Key Countries Responsible for the Climate Crisis Fail to Answer Call to Phase Out Fossil Fuels

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A handful of rich countries driving oil and gas expansion failed to answer United Nations Secretary General António Guterres’s call for an end to new fossil fuel production. Lacking the climate leadership necessary to participate, the United States, the United Kingdom, Norway, and Australia were excluded from speaking at the Climate Ambition Summit today.

Global Coalition Celebrates Historic Action Ahead of Climate Ambition Summit

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In an unprecedented display of unity, a diverse global coalition of activists, impacted peoples, lawmakers, celebrities, and concerned communities came together from September 15-17 to demand an end to fossil fuels. This historic event, endorsed by over 3,800 organizations around the globe and joined by prominent actors, activists, and climate leaders, marks a pivotal moment in the global effort to combat climate change.

New Research Exposes 5 Global North Countries Responsible for 51% of Planned Oil and Gas Expansion Through 2050

September 12, 2023By nicoleFeatured, Press Releases 4 Comments

Analysis shows just 20 countries are responsible for nearly 90% of carbon dioxide pollution threatened by new oil and gas extraction projects between 2023 and 2050 — with top ‘climate hypocrites’ the United States, Canada, Australia, Norway, and the United Kingdom accounting for a majority. If these 20 Planet Wreckers followed the call from UN Secretary General Guterres to stop new oil and gas fields and licensing, the equivalent to the lifetime carbon pollution of 1,100 new coal plants would be kept in the ground.

New briefing reveals Norway’s electrification of Melkøya gas plant as the perfect storm of climate injustice

September 7, 2023By Silje LundbergFeatured, North Sea, Press Releases No Comments

With this decision, the Norwegian Government locks-in decades of continued gas production in the Arctic. The fact that the Government has green-lighted new power lines over Sámi lands, while the human rights violations against the Sámi people are ongoing, is not only absurd, it’s a disgrace.

REVEALED: Taxpayer-funded fossil fuel projects from the U.S., Germany, and Italy breach international climate commitments

September 6, 2023By nicoleBlog Post, Press Releases, Stop Funding Fossils 1 Comment

Rich countries have continued to approve USD 4.4 billion in international public finance despite committing to end this support by the end of 2022. Six countries including the United States, Germany, Italy and Japan have at least 26 fossil fuel projects awaiting approvals, with Germany having the biggest number of projects pending.

Media Advisory: Multiple Briefings and Events Supported by Oil Change International For the United Nations Secretary General’s Climate Ambition Summit

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Media Advisory For Immediate Release Sep 6, 2023 Media Advisory: Multiple Briefings and Events Supported by Oil Change International For the United Nations Secretary General’s Climate Ambition Summit New York City, September 6-20, 2023 Oil Change International, a research, communications and advocacy organization dedicated to exposing the true costs of fossil fuels, is organizing and … Read More