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In response to the Scottish Government’s announcement it will scrap its commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 75% by 2030, Rosemary Harris, Oil Change International Senior Campaigner for North Sea phase out, said:

“At a time when governments must ramp up their climate efforts, the Scottish Government’s backtracking is a catastrophic betrayal. Once a UK leader on climate policy, Scotland is turning its back on scientific evidence and international obligations, to line the pockets of oil and gas executives and save face after missing eight of the last 12 annual emissions targets.

“Since setting these targets in 2019, the Scottish Government has put no plan in place for actually achieving them – and now want to rip up the marking sheet to avoid scrutiny. This is first and foremost a political failure, one that lets down communities in Scotland and on the frontline of climate breakdown across the globe.

“Now is the time for the Scottish Government to get serious, apologise for their failures so far, and set ambitious plans to get back on track.”

Note to Editor:
In March, Oil Change International released a report, Troubled Waters, that highlighted Scotland’s outsized progress towards Just Transition targets that put it ahead of the UK as a whole. However, this move puts that position in jeopardy. Rather than throwing its hands up in defeat, the government should  redouble efforts in line with the 2019 Climate Change Act, focussing on warm homes, public transport provision and providing workers with the skills they need for the transition.



  • All governments are in the same situation. They made promises. And you know, only the ones who believe in these promises are responsible.
    Only 9 years ago, they agreed to limit the temperature to 1,5°C above pre-industrial averages. We break that limit every day for at least 6 months now. Nobody recognise the broken engagement. All countries are responsible. All chiefs of government. At least the Scottish government acknowledge that it is unable to keep its engagement. They should all recognise their incompetence and resign.

  • If the Scottish people allow their representatives in Government to retract on their original proposal, I believe we (the rest of this world) place SANCTIONS on the Scottish people. eg; no more travel to or from Scotland. Anyone using a Scottish Passport will be denied entry into the world that is determined to clean up the mistakes of us all. No assistance to Scotland for any reason, that may protect them from sickness due to unclean water and/or air. Maybe they will get the message. Just maybe.

  • Such a boycott is appropriate, but can be applied to all countries in the world. In Paris, in 2015, they have all agreed to limit the earth temperature, increase to 1,5°C above pre-industrial times. This limit has beenn breached for more than 6 months. Let us at least accept that the Scotish government has the guts to recognize their failure.

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