Climate Activists Disrupt Senate LNG Hearing

February 8, 2024By Valentina StacklPress Releases No Comments

(Washington, DC) – Over a dozen climate activists were arrested at the Capitol today after disrupting the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee’s hearing examining the Biden administration’s pause on approvals for new liquefied natural gas (LNG) export terminals. The pause, which is widely celebrated by climate and movement leaders alike, would allow the Department of Energy (DOE) to update the public interest determination process instead of rubber stamping approvals without properly considering projects’ impacts on the climate and communities. 

Response to Biden administration pause on pending LNG export applications

January 26, 2024By Valentina StacklPress Releases 1 Comment

The tide is turning. President Biden pausing pending liquefied natural gas (LNG) export applications is a huge win for people and planet. Following the commitment at the COP28 climate talks to phase out fossil fuels, this is one of the most significant actions ever taken by a U.S. president to stop the dangerous expansion of fossil fuels and protect environmental justice. The momentum for a renewable energy future is undeniable.

Response to COP29 Organising Committee:

January 15, 2024By Valentina StacklPress Releases

The climate movement demands a process free of fossil influence, including real conflict-of-interest policies to keep fossil interests from co-opting the talks and social pressure to block the oil, gas, and coal industries from leading the energy transition.

Reaction to the latest GST draft at COP28

December 8, 2023By Valentina StacklPress Releases 2 Comments

The latest GST text shows we have never been closer to an agreement on a fossil fuel phaseout. But, what that transition will look like will be a fierce battle over the next few days. We are alarmed about some of the options in this text that seem to carve out large loopholes for the fossil fuel industry.

Pikachu-clad activists at COP28 call on Japan to end financing for fossil fuels

December 4, 2023By Valentina StacklAsia, Press Releases, Stop Funding Fossils 1 Comment

A global coalition of civil society groups organized a demonstration at the COP28 climate negotiations in UAE on “Finance Day” to demand that the Japanese government stop financing new fossil fuel projects and shift support to renewable energy. The action featured activists wearing inflatable Pikachu costumes and a slogan calling on Japan to say #SayonaraFossilFuels.

Reactive: Al Jaber’s science-denying statements are alarming

December 3, 2023By Valentina StacklPress Releases

COP28 President Al Jaber’s science-denying statements are alarming and raise deep concerns about the Presidency’s capacity to lead the UN climate talks, at a time when leadership and a clear vision are most needed. Of course, denying science has been part of the fossil fuel industry’s playbook for decades. But science is not up for debate: we must phase out fossil fuels to have a livable planet.