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December 5, 2023

Al Johnson-Kurts,

Torrential rains and flash floods have killed more than 300 people and displaced over 1 million across Somalia, Kenya, Ethiopia, and Tanzania.

In response, Charity Migwi, Africa Senior Campaigner at Oil Change International, said: 

"In the wake of flash floods in East Africa, which have led to the loss of over 300 lives, the governments of Uganda and Tanzania are still hellbent on constructing the East Africa Crude Oil Pipeline that cuts across sensitive ecosystems in the region and has already displaced hundreds of thousands of people. We cannot continue in this trajectory of loss and

“As COP28 negotiations for a full phase out of fossil fuels progress, today’s announcements show that fossil fuel phaseout is not a pipe dream: new and existing members of the Beyond Oil and Gas Alliance show it is possible and urgent to take the right steps to keep oil and gas in the ground and support a global phase out of fossil fuel production."

“Global leaders have to deliver a full package. We will not accept weak outcomes only on coal or renewables, and without addressing the primary driver of the climate crisis, fossil fuels. We need countries to reach an agreement that includes a just and equitable phase out of all fossil fuels, with rich countries agreeing to phase out fastest, as well as a rapid phase in of renewables, a doubling of energy efficiency, and rich countries agreeing to redirect trillions in finance from fossil fuel industry handouts  to support the transition in the form of grants, not loans.”

Welcome to Energy Day aka Fossil Fuel Phaseout Day. Today is packed with new data, press conferences, expected new announcements, actions and more - all with the same goal: a full, fast, fair, and funded phase out of fossil fuels. 

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