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Oil Change International is a research, communication, and advocacy organization focused on exposing the true costs of fossil fuels and facilitating the coming transition towards clean energy.

“Today's commitment to make a finance roadmap to limit warming to 1.5°C and ensure a just energy transition is a welcome step, but in order to be useful, the IEA's new research must continue with strong recommendations to immediately halt finance flowing to fossil fuels, and start recommending dramatically increased public finance on fair terms for renewable energy and energy efficiency."

A group of senators have sent a letter to Federal Trade Commission urging the agency to investigate and crack down on misleading environmental claims by fossil fuel companies and gas certification programs. Over the past decade, the gas industry has engaged in a greenwashing campaign in which third-party “gas certifiers” evaluate methane emissions from natural gas production, often utilizing unreliable and inaccurate technologies and methodologies.

(Washington, DC) – Over a dozen climate activists were arrested at the Capitol today after disrupting the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee’s hearing examining the Biden administration's pause on approvals for new liquefied natural gas (LNG) export terminals. The pause, which is widely celebrated by climate and movement leaders alike, would allow the Department of Energy (DOE) to update the public interest determination process instead of rubber stamping approvals without properly considering projects’ impacts on the climate and communities. 

The tide is turning. President Biden pausing pending liquefied natural gas (LNG) export applications is a huge win for people and planet. Following the commitment at the COP28 climate talks to phase out fossil fuels, this is one of the most significant actions ever taken by a U.S. president to stop the dangerous expansion of fossil fuels and protect environmental justice. The momentum for a renewable energy future is undeniable.

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