Greenwashing at CERAWeek2024 is meaningless without ambitious action to end fossil fuels

March 18, 2024By Al Johnson-KurtsPress Releases No Comments

Climate and social movements have forced oil and gas companies to acknowledge that fossil fuels are dirty and dangerous. At the industry’s biggest event of the year – CERAWeek 2024 – Big Oil and their government enablers will try to fool the world into believing they have solutions for a livable planet when, in reality, they’re trying to suck every last ounce of profit out of their dirty business.

Senator Markey, Colleagues Urge FTC to Crack Down on Deceptive “Certified” Gas Claims 

February 12, 2024By Al Johnson-KurtsPress Releases

A group of senators have sent a letter to Federal Trade Commission urging the agency to investigate and crack down on misleading environmental claims by fossil fuel companies and gas certification programs. Over the past decade, the gas industry has engaged in a greenwashing campaign in which third-party “gas certifiers” evaluate methane emissions from natural gas production, often utilizing unreliable and inaccurate technologies and methodologies.

Gas Certification Programs Will Never Motivate the Worst Polluters

January 25, 2024By Al Johnson-KurtsBlog Post

The oil and gas industry claims programs to “certify” gas will reduce emissions and allow them to market their gas as clean and safe for the climate. But a look at the companies that have committed to certification, and those who haven’t, highlights why voluntary programs fail to motivate the worst methane polluters – and why gas certification isn’t a viable climate solution.

Press Release: Strong outcome to end of the fossil fuel era backed by large majority of UNFCCC Parties 

December 12, 2023By Al Johnson-KurtsPress Releases

Analysis released today by the Pacific Islands Climate Action Network (PICAN) and Oil Change International confirms that: At least 127 countries have called for or endorsed a decision to phaseout fossil fuels at this year’s UN climate negotiations. These countries account for 71.7% of the Parties to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, and represent 46.5% of global greenhouse gas emissions and 69.7% of global GDP.