G20 Recovery Packages Benefit Fossil Fuels More Than Clean Energy

July 15, 2020By OCI TeamBlog Post, Energy Transitions & Futures, Stop Funding Fossils

Decisions taken in response to the COVID-19 crisis today will lock in the world’s development patterns for decades. With policy decisions made on a daily basis, information about how public money is being spent can be hard to follow. That is why a consortium of 14 expert organizations came together to track energy-specific responses by G20 governments.

Ireland’s proposed climate policy would make it a global leader in keeping fossil fuels in the ground

June 22, 2020By Romain IoualalenBlog Post, Energy Transitions & Futures

After months of negotiations, political parties in Ireland have secured an agreement to form a new coalition government. This programme of government, titled Our Shared Future, was signed by the leaders of Fine Gael, Fianna Fáil and the Green Party and will now need to be ratified by party members. This post analyzes exclusively the … Read More

Oil Change International Response to IEA Sustainable Recovery Report

June 18, 2020By OCI TeamEnergy Transitions & Futures, Press Releases 1 Comment

In response to the new report released today by the International Energy Agency (IEA), experts at Oil Change International have issued the following statement: “The IEA again misses the mark where it matters the most, completely ignoring the link between sustainable recovery and staying within 1.5°C of warming. Nowhere in the report is there mention of the critical 1.5-degree warming limit, let alone analysis of what’s needed for a recovery plan to be fully aligned with it.”

Sortie de crise: L’Agence internationale de l’Énergie échoue de nouveau à planifier la nécessaire sortie des énergies fossiles

June 18, 2020By OCI TeamEnergy Transitions & Futures, Press Releases

L’AIE publie aujourd’hui une édition spéciale de son rapport World Energy Outlook dédié aux mesures de soutien aux énergies propres dans le contexte des plans de relance post-COVID. Et pourtant, loin de marquer une rupture avec les modèles préexistants, le rapport s’obstine à ménage toutes les formes d’énergie et fait l’impasse sur la nécessaire sortie des hydrocarbures.

Oil Change International et Reclaim Finance dénoncent cet énième rapport inepte pour guider les choix des décideurs politiques et financiers en matière de transition énergétique et appellent ces derniers à la plus grande prudence quant à ses conclusions.