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  • Don’t believe the hype: Does Rex Tillerson want to destroy our climate?

    Rex Tillerson’s efforts to paint a picture of moderation amount to nothing more than a ruthless public relations campaign to curry favor in the media. Meanwhile he has pursued a reckless path of continued oil and gas development in order to continue making as much money as possible for himself and his company, regardless of the consequences.
  • Trump picks Tillerson to “take the oil” as Secretary of State, Oil Change Int’l response

    To everyone keeping score at home, you can mark this up as Putin’s payback for election intervention. The nomination of Rex Tillerson has revealed with startling clarity that our government is being set up to support the interests of Big Oil and Putin, not the American people or the planet. Now more than ever, we demand a Separation of Oil and State.
  • An Unprecedented War Against the Greens

    The news from over the weekend that President-elect Donald Trump is expected to nominate Rex Tillerson, the chairman and chief executive of Exxon, the world’s largest private oil company as Secretary of State, is a clear sign that we face an unprecedented battle against the environmental movement in the years to come.
  • Exxon “Enters No Man’s Land”

    The world’s largest listed oil company, Exxon, announced on Friday it was going to have to cut its reported proved reserves by just under a fifth. It is the biggest reserve revision in the history of the oil industry.
  • Decades of Denial Lead to Exxon’s “New Climate Reality”

    Earlier this week it was announced that we had entered a new era of “climate change reality”, with scientists warning that carbon dioxide has permanently passed the symbolic threshold of 400 ppm.
  • Republicans “Acting at Behest of Big Oil” Trying to Block Investigation of Exxon “Fraud”

    “The American people will wake up tomorrow morning shaking their heads when they learn that a small group of radical Republican house members is trying to block a serious law enforcement investigation of potential fraud at Exxon.”
  • Hey Rex: “Real Men – They Discover Renewables”

    The boss of oil giant Exxon, Rex Tillerson, will be an "oil man" until the day he dies. And on yesterday’s performance at the company’s AGM this old oil dinosaur is not going green anytime soon.
  • Reaction: ExxonMobil Shareholders Meeting

    Today’s ExxonMobil shareholders meeting has been a stark example of Exxon’s continued intransigence when it comes to climate change.
  • Exxon Faces Questions Over Climate As Gates Dumps BP

    The famous quote attributed to Benjamin Franklin is that "In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes”. Another certainty is that you know that the top executives of controversial companies absolutely hate the one day in the year that they are accountable to their shareholders: the AGM.
  • Oh Exxon … The Irony

    For twenty five years there has been one company that beyond all others has tried to undermine the UN Climate talks. For those twenty five years it has obfuscated the truth about climate by pouring millions into the funding of a network of climate sceptic and denial think tanks and politicians.
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