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  • Syncrude Aurora Oil Sands Mine, Canada.

    Risky Business: tar sands investment in a carbon constrained world

    When oil prices crashed late last year, the high-cost and capital intensive tar sands sector took a hit. The industry had already been showing signs of weakness with underperforming stocks, project cancellations, and serious concerns about market access. But low oil prices have driven a whole new level of cost cutting and project delays.
  • Syncrude Aurora Oil Sands Mine, Canada.

    Alberta, the Home of the Tar Sands, Has “Increasing Income Inequality”

    As the Albertan election heats up, the worsening economy – in large part caused by the plunge in oil prices – is taking centre stage in the province’s election campaign which comes to a head in early May.
  • material-risks-cover-square

    TransCanada’s Other Massive Pipeline Plan

    TransCanada's proposed Energy East tar sands pipeline faces massive opposition in Canada. A large demonstration is planned in Quebec City on April 11th.
  • rail-blog-featured v1

    How many explosions before we stop crude-by-rail?

    This past Saturday, it happened again. A train carrying highly volatile crude oil, in this case tar sands crude from Alberta, derailed in Ontario and caught fire, destroying a bridge in the blaze. This is the fourth time in as many weeks an oil train has derailed and caught fire or exploded.
  • 10407024_1082111491814941_496519570149228053_n

    100 Presidential Words Stop 1000 Miles of KXL…for now

    Yesterday, in a moment described as void of “drama or fanfare,” he vetoed legislation which would have forced approval of the controversial Keystone XL pipeline, which would carry dirty tar sands oil Alberta to the Gulf Coast.
  • Keystone_XL

    Just Say No to KXL, Mr President

    As Americans listen to their President tonight give his sixth annual State of the Union address, many people will be eagerly awaiting to see if he says anything about what has become one of the biggest political headaches of his Administration: the controversial Keystone XL (KXL) pipeline which will transport dirty tar sands from Canada to the US.
  • gros-morne-national-park-newfoundland

    Don’t Frack Gros Morne National Park

    It is a majestic world heritage site located on the west coast of Newfoundland, which is seen as one of the jewels in Canada’s crown. But it could be under threat from the controversial technique of fracking in the future.
  • truckoilsands

    Banks “Circling” Tar Sands Debt

    The message from the markets for the North American oil industry is summed up in four simple words by the Financial Times today: “No respite for oil.”
  • Edelman

    TransCanada’s “Smear” Campaign Exposed

    Later today we could see a vote in the Senate, tabled by Louisiana Democratic Senator Mary Landrieu, which could authorize the construction of the controversial Keystone XL pipeline, although President Obama could still veto the decision.
  • material-risk-crop3

    Keystone XL campaign for the win.

    The tar sands campaign is also poised to have a very real and measurable impact on carbon pollution as well as the tar sands industry’s bottom line.
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