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  • grand-rapids

    Canada’s First Nations Oppose “Mother of All Pipelines”

    Yet another pivotal battle is brewing in Canada, over a little-known pipeline labelled the “mother of all pipelines” by the country’s First Nations.
  • oil-spill-300x200

    Tar Sands Steaming Cause Of “Endless Spills”

    Finally one of Canada’s leading independent tar sands producers has conceded that it is partly to blame for a series of leaks of bitumen in Alberta that have been going on for over a year.
  • Canada-Oil Train Derailment

    A Year on from Lac-Mégantic Disaster, Demand Action on Crude By Rail

    Last Sunday was a grim and painful anniversary for the people of Lac-Mégantic in Quebec. It was a year ago that a crude by rail train, which was carrying highly volatile crude from America’s Bakken fracking fields, derailed and exploded, effectively incinerating 47 people.
  • 427-26-bloody-oil

    More Evidence Tar Sands “Linked to Cancer”

    Later today, a scientific study which has examined the health impacts of the toxic tar sands on the health of Canada’s First Nations at Fort Chipewyan in Alberta, will be released.
  • Standstrong

    The Pipeline that Will Never be Built

    And so the battle lines have been drawn. On the one hand you have Canada’s federal government, ever eager to please Big Oil, which has just agreed to let Enbridge build its highly controversial $8 billion Northern Gateway pipeline from the toxic tar sands of Alberta to the rugged coast of British Colombia.
  • Endbridge

    Northern Gateway Decision Within Days

    The clock is ticking. Within the next ten days, the Canadian federal government is expected to announce its final decision on the controversial Northern Gateway pipeline, which will transport toxic tar sands from Alberta via British Colombia to the Pacific Coast.
  • desmond-tutu

    Desmond Tutu Calls Tar Sands “Filth”

    Over the last couple of years the Canadians have become accustomed to growing international criticism of their reckless and belligerent exploitation of the tar sands. They have aggressively just carried on drilling, nonetheless.
  • tar sands tanker

    First Tar Sands Tanker to Arrive in EU Next Week

    You will not have heard of the Aleksey Kosygin, but next week this obscure sounding tanker is set to make history as it becomes the first major shipment of Canadian tar sands to arrive in Europe.
  • Reject and protect - photo

    “Keystone XL is a death warrant for our people”

    Under a clear-blue spring sky, thousands of people joined ranchers and First Nations leaders from the Cowboy and Indian Alliance for a ceremonial procession along the National Mall in Washington DC to protest against the controversial Keystone XL pipeline on Saturday.
  • No KXL2

    Cowboys and Indians Unite Against the KXL

    It was not a normal day in DC. But then it was Earth Day. But even for a day that celebrates our relationship with our fragile planet, this was something special. It was unique.
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