Big Oil is working to extract every last drop of oil on the continent — regardless of the cost to our communities or climate. To succeed, they need ways to transport their explosive fuels, which is why they’re pushing new pipelines and increased crude-by-rail simultaneously. But recent pipeline spills and train accidents show that neither is safe. That’s why we’ve developed the materials on this page to help push back against the industry’s dangerous expansion.

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Canada-Oil Train DerailmentRight now, there are more than a million barrels of oil per day crisscrossing the continent by rail, and if expansion continues unabated there will be even more in the coming years.

In the short term, we must fight for the strongest possible safety standards for our pipelines and train cars to better protect our communities, but in the long term that won’t get to the root problem. We urgently need to transition to clean energy solutions that don’t blow up when put on trains. Take action by clicking here.