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  • willie-soon

    Sceptic Gets $1 Million from Oil and Coal

    Two Greenpeace-related stories in two days for you. Yesterday the blog was about how Greenpeace was attacking VW for its poor performance on fuel efficiency and for blocking climate progress in Europe. Let’s turn back to the US for a moment and hats off to Greenpeace US’ research director Kert Davies, who has been tracking...
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  • carousel-IMAGE

    VW’s Dark Side

    Europe’s largest car maker, Volkswagen, is harbouring a “dark secret” according to Greenpeace. Despite its populist and consumer-friendly image, VW stands accused of greenwashing its dirty activities,  trying to water down action on climate change and refusing to make popular models more fuel efficient. According to Greenpeace, the car maker has repeatedly claimed that it...
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  • fracking1jpg

    Houston “I think we have a big problem”

    As I have often written about in the past, the oil industry is all about risk and reward. At some stage it has to lure large scale investors to bet large amounts of money that it has found large reserves of oil gas than can be readily exploited. It is an industry that is often...
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  • 210515_EUROPA_GRA04.jpg

    Dave Versus the Dinosaurs

    When British Prime Minister, David Cameron staked his reputation on leading “the greenest government ever” he knew that many people would hold him to account to make sure his words translated into action. People also knew that he had a problem: that vast swathes of the Conservative party are climate sceptic, no more so than...
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  • tony-hayward

    Always read the small print

    Investors may have poured their cash into the rogue’s gallery that is the new venture by Tony Hayward and “Nat King Coal” Rothschild called Vallares. As I blogged yesterday, Vallares was over-subscribed raising just over $2 billion to buy assets in the oil and gas sector. Investors were said to be reassured by Hayward’s knowledge...
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  • hayward_Rothschild

    Hayward and “Nat King Coal” Launch Oil Venture

    This could be a toxic mix: take Deepwater-disaster man, Tony Hayward; the new coal baron, Nat Rothschild, and bankers Julian Mertherell and Tom Daniel, the former from discredited Goldman Sachs. Together you have someone who was ultimately responsible for America’s worst ever environmental disaster; someone who obviously does not care about climate change having invested...
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  • Photo from The Pipe

    Shell’s Pipeline At War With the People

    On and off for twenty years I have written about the oil industry. I have worked with communities from Alaska to Africa who have been threatened by Big Oil. So often the stories are the same: an industry that is indifferent to local concerns and needs. It is an industry that bullies and effectively bribes...
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  • Drought

    Well, something’s going on…

    From the southern states of the US to Northern Europe the words on many people’s lips is: Drought. In Texas the worst drought in more than a century is beginning to cripple the state. Ironically it is also threatening Texas’ fracking boom as there just isn’t enough water to go round. In Texas, it is...
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  • WHATisFracking2

    UK Gov Dismisses Fracking Inquiry Call

    Another day and another review has been ordered into the controversial technique called fracking. Last week, the Governor of Maryland established the “Marcellus Shale Safe Drilling Initiative”, which will review the safety of the drilling technique for natural gas from the Marcellus Shale in Western Maryland. “We are also very concerned about an array of...
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  • pipeline3

    Keystone Could Add a “Billion-Tons” of CO2

    As the row over the Keystone XL pipeline continues, the US is sending mixed messages over the dirty tar sands. Speaking to the Gas and Oil Expo and Conference, David Jacobson, the U.S. Ambassador to Canada, waxed lyrical about Canada, describing it as the “safest and most secure foreign supplier” of oil the US. “The...
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