A Nobel Appeal to Norway

August 29, 2017By Hannah McKinnonBlog Post, Featured, News

Five Nobel Peace Laureates have called on Norwegian Prime Ministerial candidates to declare their intent to put an end to fossil fuel exploration and expansion. The letter, sent in advance of the country’s national elections in mid-September, is an appeal for climate leadership. But, they are also the world’s seventh largest exporter of emissions. Their … Read More

New report: Norway one of world’s largest emissions exporters

August 9, 2017By Hannah McKinnonFeatured, News, Press Releases

Norway’s plans for fossil fuel development are at odds with its commitments to the Paris climate goals according to a new report. In addition to being the world’s seventh largest emissions exporter, projected oil and gas development in the country are incompatible with global carbon budgets aligned with limiting global warming to 2 degrees Celsius or 1.5 degrees Celsius.

Nobel Laureates call for Arctic protection

March 14, 2016By Hannah McKinnonBlog Post, Featured, News

Nobel Peace Laureates have added their voices to the call to permanently protect the Arctic from oil and gas exploration and production. In a letter sent today to members of the Arctic Council, the signatories point out that, “nations who share borders in this remarkable region also share an obligation to protect it…both by tackling … Read More

Unpacking the U.S.-Canada joint statement on climate, energy, and Arctic leadership

March 10, 2016By Hannah McKinnonBlog Post, Featured, News 3 Comments

Quick out of the gates this morning, Canada and the U.S. released their joint statement on climate, energy and Arctic leadership in the midst of Prime Minister Trudeau’s official Washington visit. Finding themselves on similar pages when it comes to the need for action on climate, Trudeau and Obama used the opportunity to focus on … Read More

Seizing Canada’s chance to lead

January 27, 2016By Hannah McKinnonBlog Post, Featured, News

The winds of change have been blowing in Canada over the past year – with new governments, new promises, and a renewed sense of urgency – the momentum for ambitious climate action seems to be growing again. In an open letter sent today to Prime Minister Trudeau and Canadian Premiers (leaders of the provinces and … Read More

Losing friends fast: B.C. government officially opposes Kinder Morgan’s tar sands pipeline expansion

January 12, 2016By Hannah McKinnonBlog Post, Featured

Yesterday the Government of British Columbia announced that it was officially opposing the expansion of the Kinder Morgan TransMountain tar sands pipeline. The province pointed to the company’s failure to provide enough information to satisfy all 5 of the conditions that the government had laid out in order for them to formally support the project … Read More