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    When you are in a hole…

    Tackling fossil fuel production at the UN Today, a pair of declarations representing close to 500 organizations and 140 leading economists respectively were submitted to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) calling on countries and the process to address fossil fuel production and financing as a critical way of increasing ambition and...
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    House Poised to Vote for Big Oil Subsidy in Budget Deal – Oil Change Int’l Response

    "It's cynical and reckless to provide relief for climate-related disasters with one hand, while essentially paying Big Oil to worsen the climate crisis with the other. Transferring billions of dollars from hard-working taxpayers to ultra-rich oil companies to extract more fossil fuels will not make our country safer or stronger."
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    Letter from 30+ Groups: Congress Must Stop Subsidizing Enhanced Oil Recovery

    Today, more than 30 environmental, health and social justice organizations urged Congressional leaders to exclude an extension of the tax credit for carbon dioxide enhanced oil recovery from any spending bill.
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    NC Fails Residents by Approving Atlantic Coast Pipeline Permit

    "The additional ‘restrictions’ placed are woefully inadequate. The DEQ mandates the use of ‘Horizontal Directional Drilling’ to protect the Neuse River – yet this same drilling technique is so dangerous that it’s resulted in state and federal regulators shutting down construction of two major natural gas pipelines just this month."
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