Today I am on the beautiful island of Terschelling in the Netherlands, known for the Waddenzee with its unique ecosystem, mudwalking, and “pondkoek”. I am here to attend the annual Springtij Forum, a Sustainability Festival described as an “influential meeting place for everyone committed to a sustainable future in the Netherlands”. Together with Nine de Pater from Friends of the Earth Netherlands, I have been invited to receive a prize for our work on the Shell climate court case, which was won at the District Court in The Hague in May. 

In an unprecedented decision, the District Court held Shell accountable

The Parliament election in Norway, Europe’s largest oil and gas producer, ended up securing support for a shift in Government, from today's Conservative-coalition government to a Labour-coalition government. Talks and negotiations are happening over the next weeks, and one of the biggest issues is the future of the Norwegian oil and gas industry. Will Norway's new government pass a more restrictive oil and gas policy?

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