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According to a recent poll published by Fossil Free London, 59% of respondents in the United Kingdom believe that it is “unacceptable for politicians to take donations from fossil fuel companies,” with 42% of respondents finding it “completely unacceptable.” This result comes after the UK government admitted that oil from the recently approved Rosebank project would be exported to international markets, failing to meet claims that the project would address the UK’s energy security needs.

Additionally, respondents were also asked whether “fossil fuel production (oil and gas) in the United Kingdom should be reduced or expanded,” with 44% of respondents agreeing it should be reduced, 28% expanded, and 27% unsure. Lastly, when asked about COP28 President Al-Jaber’s co-role as Chief Executive Officer of ADNOC, 44% of respondents felt as if the appointment as COP28 President was “a bad idea.”

The full results from the poll can be downloaded here.

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  • I am extremely gratified to see the fog being lifted in the UK by their new and improved belief. Perhaps we here in America should consider seriously doing the same or better. The Fossil Fuel industry has polluted our air, land and water for decades without so much as an admission to our suffering. Maybe, just maybe, all people of this world will wake up and make it an offence to destroy this Planet for the sake of Profit for the few, at the expense of the masses, before we reach the “point of NO return.”

    Allan Weiss

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