Statement: Trump Administration Budget and Infrastructure Proposals Signal All-out Assault on Public Health, Environment

February 12, 2018By David TurnbullBlog Post, Press Releases

Trump’s infrastructure scam is all about greasing the wheels for oil, gas and coal development and his budget funds this massive giveaway. ‘Streamlining’ critical environmental review really means steamrolling landowners and putting a muzzle on communities when they resist oil and gas pipelines being built through their backyards for private profit.

Release: New offshore drilling plan a slap in the face to Americans, but a gift to Big Oil

January 4, 2018By David TurnbullBlog Post, Press Releases 1 Comment

Today’s new offshore drilling plan reveals, once again, that Trump’s energy strategy entails little more than smoothing the road for Big Oil to to get whatever they want. This plan is a gift to companies that want open access to our protected ocean waters and has literally no rational basis other than to curry favor with the oil industry. This is a purely political move devoid of any economic or demand driver.