June 20, 2018

Oil Change International statement on family separation actions by Trump administration

In response to the horrifying, inhumane treatment by the Trump administration of immigrants seeking to enter the United States, the staff of Oil Change International released the following joint statement:

“Like many, we at Oil Change International struggle to find the words to convey how horrified we are at the inhumane, unjust actions being perpetrated by agents of the Trump administration, as they tear apart and terrorize families seeking a new future at the border of the United States. We are family members with sons and daughters and sisters and brothers and mothers and fathers, and we shudder at the horror of being forcibly separated from them. Our deepening climate crisis will force more and more people to migrate; punishing people seeking safety with hate and walls and violence will never be the solution. We stand — in the streets and in our hearts — with immigrant families, civil and immigrant rights leaders and activists, and communities across the country to condemn these actions and to demand that the Trump administration stop using children as hostages to push their racist policies.”