COP27: Civil Society says “Don’t Gas Africa” and calls for an end of colonial fossil fuel extraction

November 15, 2022By Andy RowellBlog Post

At a series of events today at the COP27 climate talks, speaker after speaker warned against the Dash for Gas in Africa. One speaker, Mohamed Adow, from PowerShiftAfrica, said: “Africa sits at a crossroads & there is a fight to decide its energy & development future playing out at #COP27. A cabal of fossil fuel companies supported by foreign nations are trying to push Africa into a fossil fuel led development future. We say to them Don’t Gas Africa.”

UK Set to Frack, Baby, Frack

December 5, 2012By Andy RowellBlog Post, Featured

To facilitate Britain’s “Dash for Gas”, the Chancellor George Osborne is expected to give the green light to widespread fracking across the UK and will consult on giving lucrative tax breaks to the fracking industry.