Call on Governments to End Fossil Fuel Subsidies

June 9, 2012By Traci RomineBlog Post, Featured, Separate Oil and State 3 Comments

Hundreds of governments and thousands of stakeholders will meet at the Rio+20 Conference in Brazil this month to chart a future for the health of the planet, our human family and economies worldwide. The question is whether that future will include continuing public fossil fuel subsidies, which could climb to a staggering US$775 billion to an estimated US$1 trillion … Read More

It’s Time for Reform: Fossil Fuel Subsidies in Rich Nations are Staggering

October 11, 2011By Traci RomineBlog Post, Featured 1 Comment

Finally a new report, released by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OCED), begins to quantify how much rich nations—and taxpayers—are supporting fossil-fuel production and consumption. The numbers are staggering. During each of the last five years, between US$ 45 billion and US$ 75 billion in budgetary support and tax expenditures have been provided … Read More

World Bank Executives: Stop Defending Dirty Energy for the Poor

April 19, 2011By Traci RomineBlog Post, Featured

The World Bank Group, perhaps the best-known publicly-funded international development institution, is pitched in an important battle over the future of its energy lending. Unfortunately, if some Bank executives have their way, the new Energy Strategy will become a blueprint for straddling the world’s poorest nations and people with dangerous and polluting energy. That’s because … Read More

Join the International Call: World Bank, Free Us from Fossil Fuels

February 24, 2011By Traci RomineBlog Post 1 Comment

It’s time to shift international energy investments to support energy services that are clean, reliable, and sustainable, and honestly provide energy access for the poorest. You can help. The World Bank – an influential development bank that runs on taxpayer money – is currently updating its Energy Strategy that will guide its investments for the … Read More