In response to New York Times reporting announcing President Biden’s intent to pause the approval of the largest gas export terminal in the United States, Calcasieu Pass 2 (CP2), Oil Change International’s U.S. Program Manager Allie Rosenbluth said: 

“President Biden’s intent to pause the approval of CP2 and 16 other proposed liquefied natural gas (LNG) export terminals is the first step in stopping these mega-climate bombs. To make true on his climate commitments, Biden must deny CP2’s federal permits and reject permits for all other pending LNG export terminals and fossil fuel projects.

“Biden’s action shows two things: One, the marches, petitions, and grassroots organizing from frontline communities and their allies are working. And two, Biden is afraid that his climate hypocrisy will cost him the election if he doesn’t make real progress on fossil fuels.

“Recent reporting from Oil Change International reveals that U.S. oil and gas production will continue to grow despite Biden’s policies supporting clean energy. Largely driven by surging U.S. exports, there will be no end in sight unless Biden blocks new fossil fuel infrastructure. The majority of planned and existing LNG export terminals are in Black, Brown, and low-income communities that already experience high cancer risks and respiratory hazards due to exposure to pollutants.

“We simply cannot afford to produce or export more dangerous fossil gas under the guise of national security. Fossil fuel dependence drives conflict, volatility, and instability, making us less safe in both the short and long term. Investing in a just transition to renewables is the best energy security. If the Biden administration sees the writing on the wall, stopping LNG exports is a make-or-break issue for his climate record this election.



  • I don’t think it’s helpful to continue to demonize Biden.

    Would it hurt to give him even a little bit of credit given that he will be in a close election and if he loses everything we all have worked for for so many years will be destroyed by Trump?

    You need to be thinking strategically and messaging in a strategic way.


  • It is good to hear the Natural Gas facilities are not being supported by a government talking out of both sides of their mouth and only paying lip service to the climate. Obviously, it is becoming a threat to our way of life and health

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