Today is International Human Rights Day, as well as Food, Agriculture, and Water at COP28. Negotiators will likely have a new draft of the GST by the afternoon/evening. In the event of an update, we will hold a media huddle near the Media Center. Please keep your eyes peeled for the exact time and location. The last Global Stocktake text showed we have never been closer to an agreement on a fossil fuel phaseout, the latest version must close industry loopholes, and get us closer to the reality of a full, fair, fast, funded phaseout. .

Actions and Activities :

Indigenous Peoples of Turtle Island for a fast, fair fossil fuel phaseout and an Indigenous Just Transition
Media contact: Daisee Francour +1 (415) 312-5958
Action Zone 9, Zone B1
11:00 local time (GMT+4)
Indigenous peoples of Turtle Island from Standing Rock to Appalachia will lead an action to Stop the Pipelines, End Fossil Fuels, Protect the Water, Kill the Black Snake, Protect People Vs Fossil Fuels, Defend the Sacred, Land Back. A rallying call for fast, fair full fossil fuel commitments at COP28 with no false solutions and an Indigenous Just Transition!

  • Casey Camp-Horinek
  • Eriel Tchekwie Deranger
  • Mary Lyons
  • Crystal Cavalier-Keck
  • Brenna Twobears

Screening of Ororo-1 Inferno Documentary
B6 Building 88, Room 1 (CSCJ Hub)
12:00-14:00 local time (GMT+4)
For over three years, the Ororo -1 Well in Nigeria has been burning with no attention from the federal government or the responsible company. Now a symbol of ecocide and neglect, many environmentalists have raised their voices over the decades of destructive extraction of petroleum resources that disrupted ecosystems with decades of exploration and have turned a once-thriving region into one of the most deadly and polluted places on Earth.

  • Nimmo Bassey (Executive Director of Health of Mother Earth Foundation (HOMEF))
  • Kwamin Kpondzo
  • Juan Bay
  • Cleng Julve (Center for Environmental Concerns, Philippines)
  • Thuli Makama (Africa Program Director, Oil Change International)
  • Tom Goldtooth (Executive Director of the Indigenous Environmental Network)
  • Cadmus Atake Enade (Project Lead at Health of Mother Earth Foundation (HOMEF)

Watch out for tomorrow, December 11, 2023:
Press Conference: Exposing the dangers of Carbon Capture and Storage
Press Conference Room 2 (B6, Building 77)
16:00-16:30 local time (GMT+4)
Fossil fuel phase-out is for the first time at the top of the agenda at COP28. It will be key to ensure poorly defined “abatement” technologies, promoted by the fossil fuel industry and government enablers, meant to distract from the need for a full and fair phase out of all fossil fuels will not be included in any final agreements. Advocates will discuss ‘abatement’, expose the inadequacies of Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS), and highlight how much public money is being funneled into CCS. Governments have spent over $20 billion – and are planning up to $200 billion more – of public money on CCS– providing a lifeline for the fossil fuel industry. Speakers will primarily focus on the US and Norway, two of the largest funders of these dangerous technologies.
Participating organizations:

  • Oil Change International
  • Center for International Environmental Law
  • Indigenous Environmental Network
  • And others