Open Letter: The World Needs A Transformational Outcome, Not More Voluntary Pledges

December 1, 2023By Al Johnson-KurtsBlog Post, Press Releases

COP28 has the potential to be an historic moment in confronting the climate crisis. The COP28 Presidency has an opportunity to secure a transformational negotiated outcome, if it secures a robust negotiated energy package, including an unambiguous agreement to end all new oil and gas expansion, a clear call to equitably and rapidly phase out all fossil fuels, and a commitment to triple deployment of nature-positive and community-beneficial renewable energy and double energy efficiency.

Over 320 Organizations Reject the COP28 Presidency’s “Oil and Gas Decarbonization Charter”

December 1, 2023By Al Johnson-KurtsPress Releases 2 Comments

Dubai, December 2, 2023 – A letter published today by over 320 organizations on six continents rejects “Oil and Gas Decarbonization Charter,” the COP28 Presidency’s upcoming flagship announcement at the United Nations Climate Change Conference. The Oil and Gas Decarbonization Charter is a voluntary pledge coordinated by the COP28 Presidency for oil and gas companies … Read More

Civil society reactions to Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida’s speech at COP28

December 1, 2023By Valentina StacklPress Releases 1 Comment

Today, at COP28 World Leaders’ Summit, Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida said that unabated coal-fired power plants should be addressed within the context of each country’s own pathway to net-zero. He also highlighted Japan’s support of the “Asia Zero Emission Community and said Japan will help increase the World Bank and ADB’s lending capacity by … Read More