In response to the World Meteorological Society Report, Romain Ioualelen, Oil Change International Global Policy Manager, said: 

“Record heat. Deadly floods. Toxic air. It has never been clearer that the world must stop burning fossil fuels if we want a safe, livable planet. And yet, the fossil fuel industry is pumping more and more gas and oil, expanding its business, lying to us, and raking in deadly profits, as millions of people are displaced, harmed, and killed. Governments at the COP28 Climate Talks must take real action for a full, fair, funded, and fast phaseout of fossil fuels. 

“Fossil fuel companies and the governments that support them are trying to trick us to suck every last ounce of profit out of their dirty business. They are deliberately preventing phaseout by promoting tech that we know is a proven failure.

“Rather than prioritizing lobbyists and corporations, we need leaders to make real change that tackles the root cause of the climate crisis, fossil fuels, and makes a better world for all of us –  today and for generations to come. We urge governments to be ready now at the UN climate talks to take action commensurate with what the science is telling us.”

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  • We must get away from fossil fuels toss the earth and its people. We want our children to have a place to live!

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