As the UN climate talks begin, fossil fuel phase out and an agreement to triple renewable energy and double energy efficiency are top of the agenda. To limit warming to 1.5°C, fossil fuel phase out targets established by the International Energy Agency and IPCC must be deployed alongside renewable energy and energy efficiency targets, which are all achievable at COP28. 

Read our overview of expectations and themes at COP28. 

New data on Carbon Capture and Storage Technologies:

Oil Change International is publishing a new resource on Carbon Capture and Storage technologies today, that includes the latest data and case studies on the fossil fuel industry’s favorite distraction. Data will be available here at 10:30 AM (GMT+4)).

Key findings: 

  • Governments have spent over $20 billion – and are planning up to $200 billion more – of public money on Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS), providing a lifeline for the fossil fuel industry.
  • The majority of CCS is used to expand fossil fuel extraction. 79% of the world’s CCS operating capacity sends captured CO2 to produce more oil (via Enhanced Oil Recovery)
  • Many of the largest projects in the world operate far below their stated capacity. They are designed only to capture a fraction of the emissions of the plant they serve. 

Press Briefings:

Climate Action Network Press Briefing
Thursday 30th December 11:30 AM (GMT+4)
 Press Conference Room 2 Zone B6, Building 77 (Blue Zone)

Climate Action Network (CAN) is a global network of more than 1,900 civil society organizations in over 130 countries driving collective and sustainable action to fight the climate crisis and to achieve social justice. CAN convenes and coordinates civil society at the UN climate talks and other international fora. This press conference will set the scene for global community’s demands for COP28. 

Speakers: Tasneem Esssop,  Executive Director, Climate Action Network, Teresa Anderson,  Global Lead on Climate Justice, ActionAid International, Rachel Cleetus, Policy Director, Climate and Energy Program, Union of Concerned Scientists, Romain Ioualalen, Global Policy Campaign Manager, Oil Change International 

Fossil fuel battle grounds at COP28
Thursday 30th December at 16:30  (GMT+4)
Press Conference Room 2, Zone B6, Building 77 (Blue Zone)

After a year of record heat, record climate  disasters, millions displaced and killed, no one can deny fossil fuels are responsible for this climate chaos. And yet fossil fuel companies and the governments that prop them up are delaying climate action and continue business as usual. UNFCCC is a crucial moment to turn off the tap, and transition towards a clean energy future. This press conference will  showcase key battlegrounds where communities are fighting the fossil fuel industry´s oxic agenda, conflict of interest at UNFCCC and the leadership needed from the UAE Presidency to deliver an outcome on fossil fuel phase out.  

Speakers: Jean Su, Energy Justice Director , Center for Biological Diversity; Jax Bongon, IBON International, member of Kick Big Polluters Out; Thuli Makama, Africa campaign Director at Oil Change International; Shady Khalil, Campaigns Lead, Greenpeace MENA


Energy Package Reality Check
Friday 1st December | 16:30 (GMT+4)
Press Conference Room 2, Zone B6, Building 77 (Blue Zone)

The science is clear: we need a full, fast, fair,  funded phaseout of fossil fuels. But oil companies and the governments that support them are delaying what is needed with distractions. This press conference will lay out what should be included in the energy package, and expose the tricks governments may attempt to keep fossil fuels flowing, including the baseless Global Decarbonization Alliance.   

Speakers: Romain Ioualalen, Oil Change International; Ericka Lennon, Centre for Environmental Law; Nimmo Bassey, Oil Watch Africa and HOMEF