We, at Oil Change International, express our profound grief for the lives lost and the enduring anguish resulting from the continued surge of violence in Palestine. Our hearts are also with those grieving from the violence unleashed on Israelis by Hamas. As an organization committed to equity and racial justice we are in solidarity with those demanding an immediate end to Israel’s siege of Gaza, its forced displacement of Palestinians, the release of all hostages, and an end to the occupation of Palestine. 

We call on Israel and its international allies, especially the US, to ensure an immediate ceasefire to prevent any further loss of innocent lives, stop the bombing, lift the siege, and bring unobstructed humanitarian aid into Gaza. We demand an end to Israel’s inhumane restrictions on essential resources such as water, electricity, food, and medicine. 

We know the horrors in Gaza and Israel are an escalation of decades of state-sanctioned violence by Israel against Palestinians. 

We know that the State of Israel’s response to escalated violence will make no one safer.

We know there can be no long-term peace without addressing the decades of oppression and violence by Israel of the Palestinian people, including the occupation of their land and control of clean water. 

We know that as long as the US and others provide billions in unconditional funding to support apartheid, there will be no end to this violence. 

We stand against Islamophobia and anti-semitism in all forms and we know people power is our strongest hope to stop this catastrophe. We follow the example of the millions in the streets, led by Palestinians and Jews, calling for a ceasefire. We commend the growing list of governments and institutions taking this principled position and urge all to take action calling on their governments to do the same. 

The genocide of the Palestinian people has to stop today. 

We are choosing not to stay silent at this moment, but acknowledge many groups have worked deeply on this issue for many years. Here are other organizations and resources we are following that inform our statement and understanding of the situation:


  • Thank you for taking a stand and voicing your position & objections to the on-going ‘situation’ in the ‘HOLY LAND’.
    May the right to LIVE in utmost peace, freedom, security and safety equally prevail for ALL beings regardless of their race, ethnicity, religion, nationality. As a United States citizen, I declare: Not In My Name.

  • I want an end to US support of the continuing genocide that has been perpetrated against the Palestinians since 1948. I want an end to blind US support of the evil war mongering of Zionist Israel NOW and forever. I want justice and freedom for Palestine (what is left of it) and the Palestinians (what is left of them) and I WANT IT NOW. NO MORE GENOCIDE IN MY NAME. NO MORE BOMBS IN MY NAME. NO MORE SUPPORT OF AN ILLEGAL OCCUPATION AND OPPRESSION OF PALESTINE IN MY NAME!!

  • Hi! As long there are two or more regions in the Middle East there will be war and conflict. Therefore my point is that the Israelites and the Palestinian must be friends and live together in peace in one country called Israel.

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