On the one year anniversary of the passing of the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA), Allie Rosenbluth, Oil Change International US Campaign Manager, said: 

“The IRA is one of the biggest handouts to the fossil fuel industry in US history. With tens of billions dollars in giveaways for the oil and gas industry, provisions expanding fossil fuel leasing, and incentives for dangerous and unproven technologies designed to keep the fossil fuel industry in business like Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS), hydrogen, and Direct Air Capture (DAC), this law will not accomplish what we need to have a livable future. Unless he drastically changes course, Biden’s legacy will forever be marred by his failure to directly address fossil fuels, the primary driver of the climate crisis. 

“Investing in solar, wind, and electric vehicles does not equal climate action when fossil fuels are not addressed. The United States is already the world’s biggest oil and gas producer, without end in sight. While so many of us have suffered through record breaking temperatures, wildfires, and floods in recent months, Black, Indigenous, low income and working-class communities are hit the hardest, with deadly consequences. 

“We simply cannot afford a world with fossil fuels. President Biden, whose upcoming election may lie in the hands of climate voters, must step up and lead: President Biden has the power to stop fossil fuel expansion and phase out fossil fuels choking our planet. As president, Biden has the executive authority to take transformative action to stop the expansion of and phase out fossil fuels – which is essential to protect public health, boost our economy, protect democracy, and tackle the climate emergency head-on.

“Thousands will gather in New York on September 17th 2023 at the March to End Fossil Fuels for the biggest climate march since the pandemic to demand President Biden take bold action to End Fossil Fuels.”