May 25, 2023

Valentina Stackl,
Allie Rosenbluth,

Response to U.S. Supreme Court ruling curtailing the Clean Water Act

This week, the United States Supreme Court severely curtailed the Clean Water Act and limited its scope. In response, Allie Rosenbluth, United States Program Co-Manager at Oil Change International, released the following statement:

“We are deeply disappointed by the Supreme Court’s decision to curtail the Clean Water Act, a cornerstone of environmental protection in the United States. This ruling undermines our collective efforts to safeguard our nation’s water resources and places the health and well-being of communities at risk. It is a setback in the ongoing battle to ensure clean and accessible water for all.

“The systematic gutting of our environmental protections by corporate polluters and their allies serves only their interest and financial gain, at the cost of communities who pay the price with contaminated water, air, and more severe impacts of climate change. Instead of laws that strip communities of their power to decide what happens in their backyards, we need laws that put people before polluters.“


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  • It is evident by their action, and lack of action that the Supreme Court protects and defends only themselves and their friends. What is very disheartening is the fact that the Democrat members of this “August” body has little or nothing to say with regard to the frightful decision that are being handed DOWN upon “We the People.” The un-monitored corruption in Washington itself, is a direct reflection on the Supreme Court. One important infraction of many in Congress and in Government generally. is their continual Stock Market fiasco that allows members of Government to engage in profit taking by trading on “INSIDER” information. Not one member of Government has been Incarcerated for this Federal offence. WHERE THE HELL IS OUR JUSTICE? Certainly it does not rest in the Supreme Court.
    The above is written without prejudice by a retired successful businessman, well educated and traveled in reasonable health for one who is 84 years of age.

    Allan Weiss

    CC: Wew, Jjw, Dy

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