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  • Forecasts of convenience: why is the fossil fuel industry mapping our energy future?

    Would you take it seriously if tobacco companies announced that smoking trends weren’t expected to change much over the next 30 years? And imagine then, that this is what governments used to make tobacco policy: “Forecasts show that people aren’t going to quit smoking, steady rates of smoking around the world are inevitable, so all anti-smoking policies will assume not much is going to change.”
  • ALEC and Heartland Try to Kill Renewables

    Stealth lobby group ALEC is teaming up with our old-friends, the climate denial-machine, the Heartland Institute to write laws that repeal state-level renewable energy targets.
  • Dash for Shale Gas Undermines Wind

    The last time that America’s pro-wind lobby came together for its regular get-together was in California in 2007. That time there were 5,000 attendees and the installed wind capacity in the US was 17 gigawatts. Four years later and on the surface it is a success story for America’s pro-wind lobby. Yesterday saw the opening...
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  • Who Needs Oil or Nukes Anyway?

    In the aftermath of the Fukushima nuclear disaster in Japan many commentators, including some leading environmentalists argued that despite the inherent risks of nuclear power, it was still a necessary evil in the battle about climate change. They joined other pro-nuclear voices that have been growing steadily over the last few years in arguing that...
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  • Anti-Wind Study Linked to Climate Sceptics

    Ask any oil executive where our future energy will come from and they will reply that the answer lies in “the mix”: arguing we need oil, gas, renewables and probably nuclear. The oil industry argues that its days as the predominant provider of energy are not yet over, despite climate change and peak oil. But...
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  • Protestors and Advisors Tell UK Gov to Act on Climate

    Headline on the BBC’s flagship radio show, the Today programme at 8.00 AM this morning: 20-odd Greenpeace protestors have spent the night on the House of Commons to highlight the government’s lack of action on climate change. Next headline: a report by the Government’s own advisors on climate change says the government must do more...
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  • UK Refuses to Intervene to Save Turbine Factory

    When the financial crisis hit and the global economy plunged into recession, many people argued that it would be a perfect opportunity for a “Green New Deal”, were the recovery would be built by green sustainable jobs. You could solve the financial and climate crisis in one. But governments around the world have poured trillions...
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  • Outrage as China Protects its Renewables Industry

    It is meant to be a visit to talk about China’s commitment to tackling climate change, but on the sidelines is the thorny issue of China’s protectionist tactics to become the world leader in renewable energy. In many ways China has stolen a march on its rivals: The US and EU had the technology to...
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  • The Anti-Renewable Revolution

    Everywhere there are signs of political momentum on climate change. There is no doubt that an Obama White House has reinvigorated the debate on energy and climate and the international push for an agreement in Copenhagen this December. The Democrats are calling for a different energy path and even Gordon Brown is now talking green....
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  • Brown Promises to Go Green

    Flush from his “successful” summit at the G20, UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown is now preparing for his next test: his budget in two weeks times. His room for manoeuvre is limited with the pot of money largely seen as being empty. Even still Brown is promising a green Budget month to kick start moves...
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