True climate leaders must take decisive action to stop fossil fuel expansion at Biden’s Climate Summit

April 21, 2021By LaurieBlog Post No Comments

Rich countries at this week’s Climate Summit need to take decisive action to stop the expansion of oil and gas production, both at home and abroad, both to protect the global climate and local communities. True climate leadership means breaking away from destructive oil and gas and investing in real solutions and green jobs that will help people and the planet thrive.

Sharing my story to support the movement to #StopAAPIHate – Susanne Wong

March 24, 2021By Susanne WongBlog Post

My story is in no way exceptional. I hope that by sharing our stories, we invite other Asian Americans to share and be seen. We acknowledge the racism and harm that we have suffered. And we commit to supporting each other and working together with all Asian Americans, communities of color and allies to make our country, our movement and our communities more just.

Biden’s climate diplomacy mustn’t turn a blind eye to Big Oil’s “dirty footprints” in Africa

March 15, 2021By Chairman OkoloiseBlog Post, Deep Dive, Featured

When President Joe Biden signed his first set of Executive Orders on Climate Change and cancelled the Keystone XL pipeline project soon after his inauguration, he sent a very clear message to the global fossil fuel industry: it’s no longer going to be business-as-usual with fighting the existential threat that climate change poses to humanity.