Report: Indigenous Resistance Against Carbon

August 31, 2021By OCI TeamFeatured, Reports, Stopping Carbon Lock-In No Comments

The report highlights and analyzes 26 Indigenous frontline struggles in the past decade against a variety of fossil fuel projects across Turtle Island over all stages of the fossil fuel development chain. Our analysis reveals that Indigenous resistance to carbon over the past decade has stopped projects equivalent to 400 new coal-fired power plants, or roughly 345 million new passenger vehicles. Additionally, Indigenous resistance has helped shift public debate around fossil fuels and Indigenous Rights, while averting lock-in of carbon-intensive projects.

Unused Tools: How Central Banks Are Fueling the Climate Crisis

August 24, 2021By OCI TeamEnergy Transitions & Futures, Reports, Resources 3 Comments

There is growing recognition that central banks must act to confront the climate crisis. They have the tools to catalyze and accelerate the end of financing for fossil fuels – through monetary policy, regulatory action, and excluding fossil fuel assets from their own portfolios. But, with only limited exceptions, they are not using these tools. This report identifies 10 criteria for assessing central banks against the Paris Agreement’s objective, and applies them to assess 12 major central banks.

Q&A: Legal opinion on ECA finance for fossil fuels

May 4, 2021By OCI TeamSupport Page

1. What does the legal opinion say? The legal opinion says that in the context of the climate emergency, and the rapidly diminishing carbon budget, there is an “in principle” requirement on states under international law to stop financing new fossil fuel projects. They should also decrease the funding of existing fossil fuel projects under … Read More