In response to today’s UK Labour Party announcement scaling back its £28 billion climate pledge, Rosemary Harris, North Sea Senior Campaigner at Oil Change International said:

“Today we were told that global warming exceeded 1.5 degrees for an entire year for the first time. To also learn that the Labour Party is now downgrading its ambition to tackle climate change is disgraceful. In order for the UK to keep its COP28 commitment to “transition away from fossil fuels,” country leaders must be ambitious enough to phase-out fossil fuel production and increase green investments that will provide jobs for industry workers and communities across the UK. This announcement does the opposite.

Not only does this announcement fly in the face of all the scientific evidence telling us we must go further and faster to secure a liveable planet, it also ignores polling evidence that voters want to see real action on green investment. The fact is that Labour’s pledge to “deliver clean power for the UK by 2030” is popular. Energy security is top of mind for voters across the UK, and a decarbonized, fossil-free energy system will protect families and their wallets from volatile energy shocks.

“For the past three years, Labour has said it would assume the mantle as a global leader on climate. This requires real action from Day One to implement a transition away from fossil fuels. Regardless of the exact figure the Labour Party feels able to put their name to today, they must uphold their pledge to take serious action on climate change. Anything short would be a slap in the face and a betrayal to UK voters, communities, and future generations impacted by the climate crisis.”