Obama Says Romney is “Candidate of Big Oil”

April 5, 2012By Andy RowellBlog Post 1 Comment

After Mitt Romney’s latest victories in the Republican primaries in Wisconsin, Maryland and Washington DC, he is increasingly looking like securing his party’s nomination. The former Massachusetts governor obviously thinks so and in his victory speech he completely ignored his Republican rivals to focus his ire on President Obama instead, calling him an “out-of-touch liberal”. … Read More

“We simply can’t afford wasteful subsidies”

April 27, 2011By Andy RowellBlog Post, Featured

No wonder those oil boys at the American Petroleum have launched a campaign to try and stop further “tax increases” (read: subsidy removal) on the industry. They know that Obama is on their back. Yesterday, the President wrote to the House Speaker John Boehner, and other political leaders asking them to take “immediate action to … Read More

API’s Latest “Ridiculous” Anti-Tax Campaign

April 26, 2011By Andy RowellBlog Post, Featured

Any regular reading of this blog will know that that the good old American Petroleum Institute (API) is fairly wizard-like when it comes to conjuring up numbers of how many people the industry supports or employs. Up to September 2009, the API had often repeated statements such as “The oil and gas industry employs nearly … Read More