Press Conference: New Report Reveals North Sea Countries’ Oil and Gas Plans Breach Paris Agreement

March 5, 2024By Valentina StacklNorth Sea, Press Releases

Join us for a critical press conference addressing the failure of the five major North Sea oil and gas-producing countries – Norway, United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Germany, and Denmark – to fulfill their climate commitments. The press conference will unveil a comprehensive report and set of benchmarks rating North Sea countries’ oil and gas production policies by their level of alignment with the Paris Agreement developed by Oil Change International.

First Ever Norwegian Oil and Gas Industry’s Influence Mapped Exposes Fossil Fuel Sway in Multiple Sectors

November 1, 2023By Valentina StacklPress Releases

Oslo, Norway– Norway, Europe’s largest producer of oil and gas, plays a pivotal role in the global energy landscape. In the last ten years the country has increased its oil and gas licensing exponentially, making it Europe’s most aggressive explorer. The oil and gas industry is one of Norway’s most significant economic sectors, employing approximately … Read More