More Junk Science from the Oil Industry

June 18, 2007By Charlie CrayBlog Post

In March, an EPA science panel unanimously agreed that smog-producing ozone levels should be lowered. But the White House’s Office of Management and Budget held a series of close-door meetings (including one which even excluded the EPA), industry lobbyists claimed the science is still in doubt.


August 11, 2006By Charlie CrayBlog Post

“Few lies have wound up injuring Americans more” than the persistent denial that the war in Iraq is about oil and America’s failed energy strategy, according to author Kevin Phillips who reviews the evidence in the first section of his superb new book, American Theocracy. If that’s not on the top of your reading stack … Read More


April 12, 2006By Charlie CrayBlog Post

Now that Sy Hersh has exposed the administration’s plans to attack Iran (call it “reverse stovepiping”), civic leaders like Jesse Jackson are calling for a halt to the madness of would-be king George.