Now that Sy Hersh has exposed the administration’s plans to attack Iran (call it “reverse stovepiping”), civic leaders like Jesse Jackson are calling for a halt to the madness of would-be king George.

In yesterday’s Chicago Sun-Times, Jackson said: “Here we go again. The administration says “regime change” is needed. Warnings are issued about the threat posed by the “madman” who leads the oil-rich country. Alarming intelligence estimates are leaked about nuclear weapons programs. The vice president warns “monumental consequences” if the alleged efforts to develop nuclear weapons are continued. Neoconservatives call for military action. Administration operatives express scorn for international monitoring. The Pentagon is reported not only to be developing contingency plans for an assault, but already launching mock bombing runs to measure air defense capacities. Covert military incursions are said to be active on the ground.”

But Jackson just about knows the score:

“Iran has oil and gas — lots of it, second only to Saudi Arabia in reserves. It controls the straits of the Persian Gulf, where 40 percent of the world’s oil flows each day. … The question is whether the Congress and the American people will roll over or stand up and call the administration to account. … We need a concerted plan for energy independence, reducing our reliance on foreign oil.”

But you can trust the Dems will roll over again. So, Jesse, maybe it’s time (esp. after those huge demos these past two weeks), to cobble together a new Rainbow Coalition, with separation of oil and state as a key plank on the platform.