Nicole Rodel, Oil Change International –

Dropping at COP28 December 9, 2023

Oil Change International COP28 Media Advisory

Just passed the halfway point at the UN climate talks in Dubai, and negotiations are heating up. 

The latest Global Stocktake text shows we have never been closer to an agreement on a fossil fuel phaseout. But, what that transition will look like will be a fierce battle over the next few days. 

Some of the options in this text carve out large loopholes for the fossil fuel industry. These will need to be opposed. The draft is also missing a clear recognition that developed countries will need to phase out faster and provide their fair share of finance, as well as a recognition that the decline of fossil fuel production must start immediately, not in the distant future.

Ministers must get to work and make sure they don’t squander what could be their last opportunity to take the urgent and necessary measures to limit warming to 1.5°C. The world is watching, and leaders must rise to the occasion. 

Press Conferences:

12:00 – 12:30 Global Day of Action march press conference

WHO: COP28 Coalition, a coalition of more than 350 climate civil society organizations from 75 countries, and allied human rights and climate justice organizations

WHAT: Press conference for the Global March for Climate Justice

WHERE: COP28 Blue Zone in Press Conference Room 2 (B6, Building 77)

13:30 Daphne Frias (youth disability activist) 

WHERE: speaking (B7, building 90, Entertainment & Culture)

14:00 – 14:30 U.S LNG press conference

WHO: John Beard, Jr. (Port Arthur – US), Gerry Arances (Center for Energy, Ecology, and Development – Philippines) and Klara Butz (Urgewald – Germany) 

WHAT: Discussing the 162% planned increase in global LNG export capacity and the effects of outsized midstream expansion on frontline communities and ecosystems. Press release here.

WHERE: COP28 Blue Zone in Press Conference Room 2 (B6, Building 77)


15:30 COP28 Coalition March

WHERE: Starts at CSO Building (B7, Building 88)

Building on collective power across movements and coalitions, climate justice and human rights activists will march through the Blue Zone of the COP28 venue culminating in speeches raising key demands for climate justice and also shed light on the ongoing violence in Gaza by the settler colonial state of Israel. Through storytelling, creative reading of a list of dead children, and humming and chanting, activists will come together in solidarity with the people of Palestine and demand climate justice.

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