Dropping at COP28 December 8, 2023

Oil Change International COP28 Media Advisory 12/5

Nicole Rodel, Oil Change International – nicole@priceofoil.org, +27842570627

Press release: 

Over 300 organizations from over 40 countries across the globe released a letter today calling on the Biden Administration to abandon its support for Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) at COP28. The groups are demanding a stop to the permitting of new facilities in the United States and an end to financial and diplomatic support for LNG globally. The letter was delivered in advance of the “Break the Chain: Speak Out Against LNG” rally scheduled today for 15:30 GST at the front entrance of COP28 in Dubai.

Press Conference:

Climate Action Network Daily Press Conference

11:30 AM local time (GMT+4)
Press Conference Room 2, Zone B6, Building 77 (Blue Zone)
Groups will discuss the current state of play of the negotiations, including endgame discussions and energy package. 


  • Tasneem Essop, Executive Director, Climate Action Network

  • Brandon Wu, Director of Policy and Campaigns, ActionAid USA

  • David Tong, Global Industry Campaign Manager, Oil Change International

Livestream: https://unfccc.int/event/climate-action-network-updates-on-the-negotiations-6

David Tong, Oil Change International Global Industry Lead, said: 

“There is unprecedented momentum for a full, fast, fair, and funded fossil fuel phaseout as negotiators go into week two of the U.N. Climate Change Conference. Over 100 countries have called for a phaseout of oil, gas, and coal – a clear sign that the fossil fuel era is ending and a rapid phase-in of renewable energy must take place. With just a handful of countries standing in the way, people around the world are rising up alongside the countries who’ve done the least to cause the climate crisis but are suffering the most in calling for a negotiated agreement to end fossil fuels.”


International coalition of organizations, activists and community leaders from across the world fighting LNG

15:30 local time (GMT+4)
Action Zone 9:  Front entrance, near Zone B1 entry and flags

Speakers will discuss the need to end approvals and finance for Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) projects, extraction, export, and import. The community leaders will also speak on the release of a letter from more than 300 international organizations demanding U.S. President Biden end his support for LNG globally.


  • Krishna Ariola, Youth for Climate Hope Philippines

  • Samuel Mondlane, Fishnet Mozambique

  • Ayumi Fukakusa, Friends of the Earth Japan

  • Roishetta Ozane, Vessel Project of Louisiana USA

  • Emily Lowan, Climate Action Network-Reseau action climat Canada

  • Dong-Jae Oh, Solutions For Our Climate Korea

Of interest:

Out Sky, Water, Soil, and Forests Are Not For Sale

8:30 local time (GMT+ 4)

Action Zone 9

An action to stop dangerous distractions and false solutions.

Youth Action with Fridays for Future

10:30 local time (GMT+ 4)

Action Zone 9

Youth activists demand climate justice, an equitable Fossil fuel phaseout and an immediate Ceasefire! Because there is no climate justice, without human rights! Hear powerful stories from global youth voices.

Cancel the Debt for Climate Justice

15:00 local time (GMT+4)

Action zone 3 (between B2 and B3)

The global south debt crisis is preventing counties from tackling the climate crisis and when climate disasters happen, counties are forced to take on even more debt.

Upcoming Tomorrow – December 9th, 2023


Global March for Climate Justice

15:30 – 17:30 local time (GMT + 4)

B7, in front of CSO Hub