Dropping Day 6 at COP28 – Oil Change International COP28 Media Advisory 12/5

Valentina Stackl, Oil Change International – valentina@priceofoil.org

Welcome to Energy Day aka Fossil Fuel Phaseout Day. Today is packed with new data, press conferences, expected new announcements, actions and more – all with the same goal: a full, fast, fair, and funded phase out of fossil fuels. 

The first draft of the Global Stocktake, where countries and stakeholders see where they are making progress in achieving the objectives of the Paris Agreement, came out overnight. Our policy experts are available for interview, and we will be sending out an analysis and press reactive on this later today.   

Tuesday, December 5

Join us for the Kick Big Polluters Out action:

9:30-10 AM local time (GMT+4)

Action Location 9 (front entrance next to flags)

Join members of the Kick Big Polluters Out coalition as they announce the official number of fossil fuel lobbyists in attendance, from an in-depth review of COP28’s participant list. The number of fossil fuel lobbyists attending climate summits has steadily risen in recent years, with COP28 promising to represent an apex. The speakers will discuss the impacts of Big Oil lobbying influence and the needed policy interventions to address ongoing corporate capture of climate policy spaces like COP.

CAN Press Conference

11:30 AM local time (GMT+4)
Press Conference Room 2, Zone B6, Building 77 (Blue Zone)
Groups will discuss the human cost of Europe’s Big Oil and gas companies

Speakers: David Tong – Oil Change International, Vanessa Nakate – climate justice activist, Lisa Göldner – Greenpeace International, Joseph Sikulu – Pacific Climate Warriors

Livestream: https://unfccc.int/event/climate-action-network-updates-on-the-negotiations-0 

Groups will discuss a new report tallying the direct cost of human life from Europe’s oil and gas companies, the number of fossil fuel lobbyists at COP28, and why the science says these companies have no role at the United Nations climate change conference.

UK Pavilion Event 

10:45 – 11:45 AM local time (GMT+4)

UK Pavilion

39 countries and institutions – including many EU states, the United States, and Canada – signed the Glasgow Statement (officially called the Clean Energy Transition Partnership), committing to end direct international public finance for fossil fuel projects by the end of 2022. 

They are already shifting an estimated $6 billion per year from fossil fuels to clean with the potential of a further $13.7 billion per year if all Glasgow Statement signatories fulfill their commitments – current laggards U.S. Italy, Germany continue to break their promise with billions more in public money spent on fossil fuels in 2023. 

Norway joined this 40-signatory strong commitment at COP28 last week, and at today’s UK pavilion event we’re expecting a new signatory to join. Keep an eye on your inbox for our press reactive this morning. 

David Tong, Oil Change International, Global Industry Campaign Manager

“The science shows that 60% of fossil fuels in active fields  must stay underground to limit global warming to 1.5°C. Oil and gas companies must stop new exploration and extraction projects immediately, manage the decline of existing fields, and support workers to transition to a renewable energy economy. Oil Change International research shows that none of the major oil and gas companies have committed to doing even the bare minimum to prevent climate chaos. The voluntary initiatives touted at this year’s UN Climate Change Conference – including Big Oil’s flagship COP28 announcement, the “Oil and Gas Decarbonization Charter” and the U.S.-led international on the measurement, monitoring, reporting, and verification (MMRV) of methane, carbon dioxide, and other greenhouse gas emissions that occur when companies produce gas – fail to address that the vast majority of climate pollution from fossil fuels is caused by the carbon dioxide emitted when oil and gas is burned. We need a full, fair, fast, and funded phaseout to have a livable planet. Without distractions.”

Just and Equitable Fossil Fuel Phaseout: Stop Fueling the Fire


Action Zone 3

Join COP28 coalition, Oil Change International, and others to stand by those impacted by climate change and by fossil fuel projects, and to remind us we need to stay united in our global fight to end fossil fuels.

Of interest (not at COP28):

“Covering ADNOC”: an EIF Members’ Webinar

15h00 CET (GMT+1)

Panelists Amy Westervelt, Anneli Megner, Andy Rowell and moderator Zuza Nazaruk, will discuss their investigations into various aspects of ADNOC’s “green” transition, such as PR work, carbon capture storage technology, blue ammonia production, or the much-contested COP28 presidency.

More information and link here.