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  • flooding

    Half UK Population Links Flooding to Climate Change

    More and more people in the UK believe that the severe flooding which has affected large swathes of Southern England from the Somerset levels in the west to the affluent towns and villages in the Thames valley near London, are the result of climate change.
  • Friends of the Earth

    Britain’s Fracking Hype Gathers Pace

    The hype surrounding Britain’s impending fracking boom reached near fever pitch yesterday as one of the UK’s leading fracking companies vastly increased the estimate of its potential reserves.
  • fracking in the UK

    UK Set to Frack, Baby, Frack

    To facilitate Britain's “Dash for Gas”, the Chancellor George Osborne is expected to give the green light to widespread fracking across the UK and will consult on giving lucrative tax breaks to the fracking industry.
  • Freedom-fracking-protest

    “It’s a pie in the sky” number

    On Wednesday last week, the hype that has surrounding fracking in the US finally arrived in the UK. The energy firm Cuadrilla, which has been drilling wells in the North West of the country under Lancashire, announced a “huge find” of gas. Cuadrilla announced that that its tests showed there could be as much as...
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