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  • UK Lambasted for “Obscene” & “Ideologically Driven” Cuts to Solar

    What has become clear over the last few weeks is that the UK government is determined to decimate the UK’s fledgling solar industry, no matter the cost to jobs, families and the environment. And this is from a political party, the Conservatives, which normally prides itself on being pro-business.
  • Forecasts of convenience: why is the fossil fuel industry mapping our energy future?

    Would you take it seriously if tobacco companies announced that smoking trends weren’t expected to change much over the next 30 years? And imagine then, that this is what governments used to make tobacco policy: “Forecasts show that people aren’t going to quit smoking, steady rates of smoking around the world are inevitable, so all anti-smoking policies will assume not much is going to change.”
  • Re-Wiring Shell’s Brain

    As I write, Shell’s AGM is underway in the Dutch city of the Hague, where the company is facing intense criticism about its strategy to address climate change, its highly risky Arctic drilling and its carbon-intensive tar sands operations.
  • Solar Could be World’s Main Power Source by 2050

    How about some good news for a change? The end of the dominance of the oil age could be sooner than you think.
  • Fracking is Killing Solar Investment

    German company Bosch, which owns a solar division, has blamed fracking for hurting demand for clean energy.
  • Sun Sets on BP’s Solar Business

    Just over a decade after BP rebranded itself “Beyond Petroleum” and introduced its famous sunburst Helios logo in honour of a Greek sun god, the oil giant has fatally undermined its “green” credentials by axing its solar power business. BP argues that it “can’t make any money” from selling panels at a time when it...
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  • Who Needs Oil or Nukes Anyway?

    In the aftermath of the Fukushima nuclear disaster in Japan many commentators, including some leading environmentalists argued that despite the inherent risks of nuclear power, it was still a necessary evil in the battle about climate change. They joined other pro-nuclear voices that have been growing steadily over the last few years in arguing that...
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  • Now Obama Turns the White House Green

    So its not only Obama’s war machine that is going green. So is the White House. In recent days some in the press have compared Obama to Jimmy Carter, saying their presidencies are similar in the way they failed to live up to expectations. But there is another way that Obama is replicating Carter –...
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  • Obama’s War Machine Goes Green

    On the fifth anniversary of the Iraq war, a report from Oil Change International, entitled A Climate of War, analysed both the greenhouse gas emissions of the war and the costs involved in fighting that war rather than climate change. The report contained many shocking facts but a couple were that the projected total US...
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  • Outrage as China Protects its Renewables Industry

    It is meant to be a visit to talk about China’s commitment to tackling climate change, but on the sidelines is the thorny issue of China’s protectionist tactics to become the world leader in renewable energy. In many ways China has stolen a march on its rivals: The US and EU had the technology to...
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