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  • ExxonHatesYourChildren.com

    ExxonMobil’s PR Chief Gives Empty Retort to Oil Change

    Last week we exposed ExxonMobil’s Outlook for Energy as a corporate fantasy rather than a forecast. ExxonMobil's head of public affairs called our work ill-informed and "odious" but chose not to answer our arguments...
  • lima-exploration-infographic FINALv2

    It’s time to #StopFundingFossils!

    The UN climate talks are nearing the final hours and one of the major sticking points is finance. Well, we're here to tell governments there's plenty of money available if they look in the right place.
  • 3515471358_721aff19b4

    Exxon’s Outlook: Forecast or Fantasy?

    Exxon published its Outlook for Energy today. We show why it should be viewed as the corporate propaganda it is.
  • Dirty Energy money

    Dirty Energy Money Fuels Fight Against Climate

    Many people concerned about climate change may be focussed on the ongoing UN climate negotiations in Lima, but back home in the US it is business as usual for the oil and gas industry: they are secretly lobbying to delay action on climate and undermine America’s environmental protection laws.
  • Lima-Climate-Talks

    Bankers Warn of “Unburnable” Carbon As UN Talks Open

    The Lima UN climate talks which open today were always the diplomatic aperitif before the main three course carbon-fest in Paris next year. However they open with a renewed sense of optimism that after 20 years of delay and political deadlock – often driven by the fossil fuel industry – a deal may well be in sight for Paris.
  • WSPA2

    Big Oil’s Front Groups Exposed

    It has often been called the heart of public relations: but the third party technique is simple – it is putting your words in someone else’s mouth.
  • KXL fails

    Pro-KXL Senate Vote Fails

    In the end the vote was agonisingly close, but Big Oil’s buddies in the Senate fell at the final hurdle in their attempt to approve the controversial Keystone XL pipeline.
  • US - China

    A Welcome Step Towards the Last Tango in Paris

    One step forward - two steps back or two steps forward one step back? It’s been a topsy turvy couple of weeks as far as the climate is concerned. We have had the Republicans gaining control of both sides of the House and Obama pulling a climate rabbit out of the hat with the US-China deal.
  • $88 billion

    The $88 Billion Fossil Fuel Bailout

    A new report by the Overseas Development Institute and Oil Change International has found that governments are still spending a whopping $88 billion every year supporting fossil fuel exploration.
  • BVsZwN1CcAAh15I.jpg large

    Oil Industry Set to Ignore “Final Warning” on Climate Change

    The "clock is ticking". "Little time left". The "Starkest Warning Yet". The "Final Warning". Just four of the headlines from around the world of yesterday's UN report on climate change.
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