A Message from the Warmists…

January 14, 2010By Andy RowellBlog Post 3 Comments

As a writer what I find interesting is the corruption of the language and the evidence by the sceptics. Yesterday I posted a blog that was based on Rolling Stone’s list of the people they believe are doing to the most to undermine the international and US domestic effort on climate change. Obviously the post … Read More

10% of Population Will be Affected by Sea-Level Rise

December 1, 2009By Andy RowellBlog Post 1 Comment

Only a week to go and the climate sceptics seem to be popping up everywhere, trying to undermine the Copenhagen conference. But what they can’t stop is the damning new credible scientific evidence that is being produced. One such study is from the Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research (SCAR). The SCAR study was undertaken by … Read More

A Message from Antarctica

April 6, 2009By Andy RowellBlog Post

As the politicians pontificate about climate change and the crucial Bonn negotiations come to a close on Wednesday, nature has sent its very own stark message to the conference. An ice bridge that held the vast Wilkins Ice Shelf in place shattered at the weekend. Its collapse could herald a larger break-up of the Ice … Read More

Climate Change is “Irreversible”

January 28, 2009By Andy RowellBlog Post

A US government-sponsored report has warned that many effects of climate change are already irreversible. Even if carbon emissions were somehow stopped now, global temperatures could remain high for 1,000 years, concluded the scientists. The report, sponsored by the US Department of Energy, appears in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.