A complete mockery of forest protection

February 25, 2010By Andy RowellBlog Post 2 Comments

Anyone following the palm oil debate would not have been surprised by the findings of the BBC’s top investigative programme Panorama earlier in the week, which investigated the industry. Using GPS technology and satellite imaging, the BBC exposed how the palm oil giant Duta Palma Group is logging on both high conservation lands and deep … Read More

Bali: Forest Deal on Table

December 12, 2007By Andy RowellBlog Post

A “breakthrough” on deforestation is set to be the first success of the UN climate talks in Bali. Diplomats are said to be confident that the “road map” to a new climate-change treaty would contain a crucial reference to forests. That would be an important first for a sector omitted from the Kyoto Protocol. Deforestation … Read More