In the U.S., we’re working at all levels to halt fossil fuel expansion and align government policies with science and justice.


In the United States, Oil Change is bringing mobilization, research, policy, and communications support to bear at the federal, state, and local levels to stop fossil fuel infrastructure projects and keep oil, gas, and coal in the ground. In partnership with grassroots movements, allies, and coalitions, Oil Change is working to end U.S. government subsidies and finance propping up the fossil fuel industry, and fighting for aggressive regulation of the private financial industry to end fossil finance.

Oil Change also works to support frontline communities confronting fossil fuel infrastructure across the North American continent. We prioritize supporting Indigenous and frontline voices, including working in partnership with local Indigenous groups as well as national and international coalitions. 


What does it say about the prospects for multi-billion dollar tar sands oil pipelines, that a national government felt the need to buy a project outright in order to try to save it?

When Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau decided to buy-out a failing tar sands pipeline from texas-based Kinder Morgan last month, it exposed the grim reality facing all remaining tar sands pipeline projects, including Line 3 and Keystone XL. Rather than restoring confidence to the oil and gas industry, the buy-out underscores the strong likelihood that none of these project are ever going to get built.

Trudeau felt he had to

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This new briefing from Oil Change International shows that G7 countries, which have both the capacity and the responsibility to be leaders in phasing out fossil fuels, are not walking the walk – at home or abroad: some G7 countries are massively expanding fossil fuel production at home, while others are investing in more fossil fuel infrastructure abroad. Both are catastrophic failures of leadership, which the G7 has a responsibility to correct.

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