C: Trudeau twitter account
C: Trudeau twitter account

Two leading political figures from the US and Canada, who have boasted about the need to fight climate change are now under fire for being climate change hypocrites: saying they care about the climate, but allowing drilling and fossil fuel infrastructure to be built anyway.

On Wednesday, over 750 public interest groups from California and around the world, including Oil Change International, started a campaign urging the Governor of California, Jerry Brown, to stop building fossil fuel infrastructure, including no new exploration permits offshore.

The letter told Brown to “take immediate action to protect those most vulnerable to climate change or lose their support for the global climate action summit that he will host five months from now in San Francisco.”

The campaign has sponsored billboards in San Francisco, Los Angeles and Sacramento, placed adverts in local newspapers, and launched a thermal airship over San Francisco Bay to challenge Brown for falling short on plans to limit fossil fuels in the state.

The letter urged Brown, who has stated on numerous times that time is running out to solve climate change and who has stated that fighting the issue will be one of his signature acts, to “champion a vision for California that looks beyond the oil and gas industry to a future that is safe and healthy for everyone,” the letter says.

It continued by urging Brown to “set a global precedent by becoming the first oil producing state to announce a phase-out of existing production in line with the Paris climate goals, with a just and equitable transition that protects workers, communities, and economies, starting in places that are suffering most from the impacts of fossil fuel extraction.”

But Brown is not the only politician who has promoted their green credentials, who is now under fire for failing to adequately act on climate.

Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, is due to fly back from an overseas trip over the weekend to convene a meeting concerning the controversial Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain pipeline that will triple production of dirty tar sands going from Alberta to British Columbia.

The pipeline has been subject to sustained protests and legal action by the local community and BC Government, led by John Horgan. Earlier this week, Kinder Morgan announced that it was stopping work until the end of May until political and legal opposition is sorted. Many people now see the pipeline on “life support”.

Even the Economist argues that the pipeline is now likely to become “another flop,” and noted that last week David McKay, head of RBC, Canada’s largest bank, was concerned that investment was flowing out of the Canadian energy sector “in real time”.

Trudeau continues to supprt the pipeline. Yesterday he tweeted that “I wouldn’t approve major pipeline projects if I wasn’t confident they could be done safely. And they can be done safely because we’ve made a massive investment in protecting our oceans and coastlines – in BC and across the country.”

The tweet was accompanied by a glossy video, which was posted on twitter and Facebook.

The reason for the meeting over the weekend, according to press reports, is that Trudeau wants to strong-arm BC Premier “John Horgan to reverse his stance.” Horgan retaliated by stating that he was going to “represent BC, our coast and economy.”

Yesterday, 40 civil society groups sent a letter to Trudeau on behalf of their Quebec members, urging the Federal Government to “immediately cease supporting Kinder Morgan’s pipeline. Do not turn this pipeline into your political legacy.”

The letter continued: “We remind you in particular of your government’s commitment to end fossil fuel subsidies. The Trudeau government, in supporting a 20th-century sector of the economy, is failing to live up to its responsibility.”

“The national interest of Canada does not rest in the construction of The Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain pipeline, but in the inevitable energy transition that is so urgently needed in order to counter climate change.”

“The support that you continue to provide to the pipeline project casts a serious cloud on your credibility as a leader in the fight against climate change”, it read.

It ended by saying: “We repeat: Do not turn this pipeline into your political legacy”.


  • Laurie Parkinson · Biology Lab Instructor at Langara College
    The First Nations in Canada are leading the community fight against the Kinder Morgan pipeline, and are also in court against the Federal government re KM on constututional grounds. Neither of these facts was not mentioned in this article.

    Trudeau is making the KM pipeline into a national emergency, and is willing to invest taxpayer dollars in the pipeline. Amazing. What hypocrisy.

    Seems like KM is blackmailing Trudeau and he is falling for it.

    Government investment in the KM pipeline won’t stop the fight by the First Nations and other concerned citizens.

  • Too many issues are associated with this pipeline and the economic benefits are minimal (unless you sold us to China? Or, the $$$ goes to a US Company?).

    You need to lead not follow! Use the precautionary principle. KInder Morgan does not have a good reputation. And, I”ve never seen a tanker, or a pipeline that doesn’t spill! You cannot guarantee safety. The consequences of an oil spill are too great. And, we haven’t addressed expanding tar sands contributing to climate change or cancer! Many supporters of the pipeline only look at the economic issue/benefit, and not at the potential losses. Until you can adequately address all 3 contributers – economic, natural/environmental, and social capital you should delay the decision (and the strong arm undemocratic approach). Trudeau, I voted for you because I thought you were smarter than Harper, but you disappoint me.


    Kathleen Moylan

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