Separate Oil and StateTwice in the last several days we’ve been reminded of the uphill struggle we face in the US to separate oil and state.  First, on Tuesday, the US Senate actually defeated a proposal that would have eliminated some oil industry subsidies.  Then, earlier today, Representative Joe Barton actually apologized to BP’s Tony Hayward for establishing the $20 billion fund to clean up the Gulf and compensate victims of the spill.

Barton is one of the top recipients of oil industry campaign cash.

Demand a Separation of Oil and State now.


  • Judges just recently sided with Big Oil against Obama’s moratorium on future off-shore drilling. There will be an appeal. But now what? Seems as though the big oil companies have a major influence in our judicial system. What’s wrong with this picture? How disgusting and horrible is our judicial system to have this happen?

  • There must be an absolute stop to supporting the oil industry and its greedy, self-serving supporters. Confidence in our representatives is at an al- time low. Please vote against any and all proposals that cater to the oil industry.

  • I want T-shirts with these graphics on them so I can wear them everywhere! Then I will talk talk talk about following the oil money and about congress’s addiction. Please. I will pay. :))

  • America and the rest of the world are addicted to petroleum oil. And politicians are addicted to oil money from the lobbyists in the oil industry. I don’t read many books, but the next book that I am going to read is the book titled – Why We Hate The Oil Companies, by John Hoffmeister. It seems to me that the oil industry dictates that the conventional auto industry makes and uses dirty, inefficient, complicated, and expensive reciprocating infernal combustion engine powered, transmission driven vehicles, but in my opinion, automobiles need to start to be made as absolutely efficient as possible, and they also need to be made with modular parts and components too, with minimalism in mind, for ease of maintenance, as well as to reduce purchasing costs and minimizing maintenance costs too. I think that future automobiles need to be powered by modular microturbines to maximize efficiency, and that they should be hybrids with four wheel – transmissionless electric drive. Apart from this issue, I support and commend Tesla Motors, in California, for creating probably the worlds most efficient vehicles on the road today. I just wish that the purchasing price could be brought way down, to help lift poor people out of poverty and desperation!
    And seperate oil and state, stop subsidizing oil, you dirty politicans out there..!

    from gloriana casey 6/23/2010

    Oh, Oily Corporate Welfare Kings,
    inscrutable accounting!
    Your profits rise so very high,
    GIANT, your discountings.

    is such a quaint, sad term.
    Our Government runs out of cash,
    yet YOU have piles to burn.

    ExxoxMobil, paid no tax
    in year two thousand nine.
    A country’s loss–their profits grew.
    They are no friend of mine.

    Now Congress gives them lots of cuts,
    yet PEOPLE, they bleed dry.
    So Congress, please explain yourself,
    or Nation, it will die.

    Jurassic time, oil’s birth began,
    in pressure—all those plants.
    Then heat and time produce results,
    in Titusville’s first lance.

    The first oilwell upon our soil
    in 1859.
    One hundred fifty-one whole years,
    our money loss, a crime.

    If BUSINESS of America,
    is business just for THEM.
    How will we build ECONOMY,
    in which to share this win?

    An army on its belly moves,
    so does entire nation.
    When Business takes the biggest bite,
    we’re left with consternation!

    The effort you put forth for us,
    one BTU in strength,
    is equal to just one match tip,
    Yes, Congress, a short length!

    OIL’s prospered much, and it has grown,
    so exponentially!
    The PEOPLE cry, out loud to you,
    you misuse “Land of FREE.”

    RESOURCES are the Nation’s gift,
    to grow a nation strong.
    For Corporate welfare is a sham,
    and simply, simply wrong!

    “The GENERAL WELFARE,” yes those words,
    PREAMBLE gave it voice.
    So use RESOURCES for our GOOD,
    that is the PEOPLES’ Choice!

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