It may not be the ski season, but alpine skiing and snowboarding may be under greater threat from climate change than scientists have previously thought, new research suggests.

A study of snowfall spanning 60 years has indicated that the Alps’s entire winter sports industry could grind to a halt through lack of snow.

It found a dramatic “step-like” drop in snowfall at the end of the 1980s which has never recovered. The average number of snow days over the last 20 winters is lower than at any time since records began more than 100 years ago.

Christoph Marty, from the Swiss Federal Institute for Snow and Avalanche Research in Davos, who analysed the records. “I don’t believe we will see the kind of snow conditions we have experienced in past decades,” he said.

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  • All of the snow going away.(Gasp) Oh no!! Actually here in crazy Utah we’ve had record amounts of snow this year. There are couple resorts still open. Mountain roads will stay closed longer because of TO MUCH SNOW!!! What a crisis this is. What are we all going to do about it. We’ve gone from not enough snow and drought. Now we have to much snow. What next? It’s like our climate changes from year to year and geographic location to geographic location. Thats just crazy talk though, right? I mean why would God make the earth have a CYCLE of climate change. That would just be INTELLIGENT. I have been reading more and more about the same scientists that can use their telescopes to tell what kind of gasses and temperatures there are on other planets. Finding that the temperature on the other planets in our solar system have registered an increase in their temperature. So I am now declaring that all of you should stop driving your SUV’s on Neptune. You’re killing the caribou there!!

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