Another day and another disaster looms over climate. Lake Mead, the vast reservoir for the Colorado River water that sustains the fast-growing cities of Phoenix and Las Vegas, could lose water faster than previously thought and run dry within 13 years, according to a new study by scientists

The lake, located in Nevada and Arizona, has a 50 percent chance of becoming unusable by 2021, the scientists say, if the demand for water remains unchanged and if human-induced climate change follows climate scientists’ moderate forecasts, resulting in a reduction in average river flows.

“We were really sort of stunned,” one of the scientists Professor Barnett told the New York Times. “We didn’t expect such a big problem basically right on our front doorstep. We thought there’d be more time. You think of what the implications are, and it’s pretty scary.”

Within two decades Las Vegas could become America’s first climate ghost town .. Now that is scary.

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  • When will this become an issue of importance in our presidential election? Before November 2008? How will this effect McCain who has an interest in Arizona? Who will decide on a strategy to save our country from this great loss?

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