US Republican presidential hopeful Rudy Giuliani is embroiled in controversy over the antics of his law firm which lobbies for Citgo Petroleum, which is controlled by the Venezuelan state oil company and President Hugo Chavez.

Records filed at the Texas Ethics Commission showed the law firm, Houston-based Bracewell & Giuliani, may have received up to $170000 from Citgo since 2005.

“Americans still have a lot more to learn about Rudy Giuliani,” argued the Democratic National Committee Press Secretary Stacie Paxton. “Given these latest revelations, it is more important than ever for Giuliani to share a full list of all his businesses’ clients with the American people. The public deserves to know if Giuliani’s rhetoric matches with reality. Reducing America’s dependence on foreign oil and taking six figures in lobbying fees from Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez don’t add up. It’s no surprise Giuliani wants to keep his client list secret, but the question is, what else is he hiding?”

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  • surprise! a theif. i was already embarrased with him being with another woman at his own house and at baseball games while still married with his wife at home. this pro abortion catholic, mobster related crime fighter, tax and spend conservative is not what libertarians such as yours truly and conservatives wgich i am personjally, want. i’d rather have an honest, gulp, dem than more of these type of politicians. two party democracy just isn’t working. we need to open up the system and allow cross party primaries and fair coverage of alternative candidates. this ain’t democracy at all.

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